All you need is internet access and a browser enabled device!

What is Trackchat?

Trackchat; a cloud based digital service for athletic & sports clubs. Its name forming the two core components:

  • Track the management, safeguarding, membership, nurturing and growth of a club
  • Chat using the built-in Social Media platform supporting individuals, club members, club management & organisations

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Flexibility by design

Flexibility by design

Designed to grow as your club grows. Club subscriptions offer the flexibility of base functionality with Value Added Services as add-ons as and when necessary.

Flexible user profiling supporting users, clubs and organisations within local, national & international communities

Is my club supported?

Any club?

Inspired by the management of an athletics club, Trackchat is open to all athletic & sports clubs:

  • Any athletic or sports club
  • No minimum size of club
  • Local, national, international
  • Flexible subscription models
  • Expandable sport profiles. If your sport is not listed, let us know and we are confident it can be added quickly

Track and Trace - NOT just for COVID-19

Safety first

As part of any club safeguarding adoption, knowing who is present and having effective ICE contact points are imparative.

Not only does this support COVID-19 Track & Trace for minors, Tracking allows clubs to manage members attendance for coaching and training sessions and events through simple to use sign-in and sign-out tools. Tracing and analytics tools help trace contact points and nurture club growth.

Managing my club through flexible add-ons

Managing my club

Let Trackchat take the pain out of club administration:

  • Membership management
  • Club, group, session level management
  • Club-level portal, website plug-ins
  • Membership communication
  • Newsletters and club forums for sharing news, ideas, success
  • Safeguarding tools
  • License, affialiation tracking
  • Reports, analytics, profiling
  • Flexible subscription-based pricing

Some features are Value Added Services which may incur an additional subscription or usage charge

Targeted campaign driven digital advertising

Targeting your chats

Available to clubs and organisations through easy-to-use target demographic campains, to promote products, services, events, promotions.

Targeted posts are shown as "sponsored" in the ChatFeed and Magazines.

Share your chats with friends, club and communities

Chat, Share, Repeat

Through its built-in Social Media platform, Trackchat offers:

  • A safe community for clubs, individuals to contribute
  • Intra-club sharing & community building
  • Posting videos, photos, audio snippits, Quips, stories and more; collectively called chats
  • Sharing within clubs, sharing with other communities
  • Age restricted features & identification
  • Magazines - collections of favourite chats for preserving or sharing
  • Targeted chats through Digital Advertising; available for clubs & organisations

Let your imagination take over

What is a Quip?

You may be wondering what a Quip is?..."Quip", meaning a clever or witty remark or comment. Rather than just posting pictures or videos, you have the ability to post quips, typically accompanied by a picture that you can then share with your friends, club and followers.

Share your chats and magazines with your friends and your club. Follow "Chatters" (a user who chats !!) you are interested in. You can even share editing rights to your feed, with your friends - great if you and your friends want to build a club comic together!!