Athletes in a digital world

All you need is internet access and a browser enabled device!

What is Trackchat?

So you have an athletic club; whether it be athletics, rugby, tennis, football or countless other types of sporting clubs. All the clubs have the same challenge; how do you engage club members to be part of a community outside the everyday training sessions? At a club management level, how do you communicate and engage effectively with your club members in this digital world, helping to promote achievements, success and advice? How can you make use of technology to monitor safeguarding aspects of club life?

At Trackchat we appreciate these challenges all clubs face and have addressed these challenges head on. Read on to find out how...

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Any athletic club, any sport

Athletic club?

Just athletics? Actually, no. Whilst Trackchat was inspired by track and field athletics clubs, it's now capable of supporting many club types where athleticism is involved (which is pretty much all sports clubs!)

Whether it be athletics track & field, cross country, football, rugby, tennis, ice hockey, netball, golf or many others. When you sign up as a club, if your sport isn't listed, just let us know and we should be able to get it added to our list. Easy!

Share your chats with friends, club and communities

Click, Chat, Share, Repeat

Trackchat offers a safe online community for athletic clubs. It addresses the challenges faced by sports clubs in the digital age, in two ways. Firstly, it provides a club-oriented community empowering each member to contribute digitally, whether it be through photos, jokes, news updates, quips, comments or maybe an upcoming event. These contributions (we collectively call them chats) can then be shared amongst friends and the club, or indeed with other clubs. Everyone can also create magazines - collections of favourite chats grouped together and presented in the form of a magazine.

So now imagine your club members all sharing photos, quips and news. Now see how easy it is through Trackchat to assemble and prepare a regular newsletter. It really couldn't be simpler!

Let your imagination take over

What is a Quip?

You may be wondering what a Quip is?..."Quip", meaning a clever or witty remark or comment. Rather than just posting pictures, you have the ability to post quips, typically accompanied by a picture that you can then share with your friends, family, club and followers.

For those more creative, you can add multiple quips, select from stock themed caricatures and add sound effects, all within a single chat.

Share your chats and magazines with your friends and your club. Follow "Chatters" (a user who chats !!) you are interested in. You can even share editing rights to your feed, with your friends - great if you and your friends want to build a club comic together!!

Plugins supporting the management of club tasks

Managing my club

Trackchat supports club-level membership. This allows for members of a club to see chats applicable to the club, see how the club is performing and introducing a competitive edge to top "chatters" of the club.

Club level plugins (some may be chargable) including club registration (ideal for keeping track of signing in and out of training sessions) and club analytics are also available. More club plugins will be added when available.

Premium service allows targeted posts

Targeting your chats

Building your network of friends and followers is a great way of getting your posts seen. If you need greater or targeted access to the Trackchat community then we do offer a subscription based self-serve targeted campaign feature. This is great for targeting groups of Chatters to see your chat (or banner).

Targeted posts are shown as "sponsored" in the ChatFeed and Magazines.