Athletes in a digital world

Our History

Trackchat was forged through an evolutionary journey of online services by our founder and seeing first hand, the need for sports clubs to embrace the digital world our athletes are now in.


Trackchat does support sponsored chats. This enables us to offer the Trackchat network free of charge to regular users.

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Latest Technologies

Trackchat is still young. It's designed to grow as we grow and as your online communities grow.

Community values

Trackchat is a great vehicle to enhance sharing and connecting with friends, family and clubmates. Social Networks & certainly Trackchat are here to enhance, not replace the physical community spirit & values.

Extremely Flexible

Here at Trackchat we're always keen to see how we can improve our service. Got a good idea? Just let us know & we'll take a look.

We Will Support You

Be assured, your Trackchat experiemce is everything to us. Let us know if you're facing any issues with Trackchat and we'll get straight on to it.

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Who We Are

At Trackchat our aim in life is to help athletes and their clubs come together and get the best out of a digital world, and have fun doing so!

Trackchat isn't about recording your every thought and movement in life and sharing with the world. It isn't about maintaining an online timeline of your very existance. These services are great in their own right.

The concept of Trackchat is simple; you take or use an existing photo and add quips to the photo to highlight your interpretation of it's funny side. Or mybe you write a news article about your latest sporting achievement, or just want to share a joke with your friends and clubmates. You post your chat to your Trackchat feed, then share with your friends, family, club and followers.

For sports clubs, Trackchat offers a community for your members to share stories, photos, quips and news. There's also club tools available to help with sefeguarding and information analytics.

Trackchat is owned by Bertiesoft Limited, a UK Technology company.

  • Based around sports clubs
  • Free to regular users
  • Premium service available
  • Proud to be Made in England

Legal bits

Our trading name:

Trackchat and the online primary domain

Our registered company name:

Bertiesoft Limited

Our company VAT number is:

UK 862 668 683

Our company registered office:

Eastbourne House, Lingfield, Surrey RH7 6DN, United Kingdom

Company registration number:

3254806, registered in England & Wales

Postal address:

Bertiesoft Ltd, Eastbourne House, Lingfield, Surrey RH7 6DN, United Kingdom

Our Team

Steve Chalmers


Leo Chalmers

Sales / Funding

Honey C

UX / Testing


Business Development