1 Introduction

This document sets our our committment to supporting Data Protection and Privacy to you as a user of Trackchat. It states what we do with the data we collect and process, the reasons why we collect certain data and measures you can follow to self-manage what notifications you receive as part of this service.

2 Data Protection

We want Trackchat to be as flexible and user friendly as possible. However we do acknowledge with that comes the responsibility of protecting data, users, the context in which the Trackchat is used and individual account details.

Unless enforced by law, we will not disclose your account details to any 3rd party without the permission of you the account holder. At any point, you have the right to know what data the service holds to support your account.

Password data used for your account access, is encrypted at point of transfer to Trackchat and further encrypted at the point of storage. At no point do Trackchat administrators have direct access to unencrypted user passwords. For this reason we do not support password changes, instead we support password resets.

3 Privacy

Trackchat supports a veriety of notifications to help keep you informed of updates, club and group chats, daily news updates etc. Notifications of this nature are emailed to your registered email address.

You can opt-in and opt-out of email notifications at any point by visiting the Privacy settings of your Trackchat account.

How others see you on Trackchat is also within your control. You can select your profile to be public or private. You can also set your whole account and chats to be public or private. To make these changes, visit the Privacy settings of your account.

4 What data we collect

To support your Trackchat account, we collect certain items of data as follows:

Email address: used to contact you regarding your account and to send notifications to

First name & Surname/Family name: used to identify yourself within your profile. Note, a minor account (younger than 16) will NOT show the surname/family name

Date of birth: we use this only for Trackchat advertising campaign selection criteria, club identification & registration plugins and to determine if the account holder is classed as a minor. No personal identifyable information of an account holder classed as a minor (under 16) is used for advertising.

Gender: we use this only for Trackchat advertising campaign selection criteria

Location data: we collect browser location data and, where not available, network service provider estimations of location based on IP address. This location information is used to support locality of like-accounts when a user filters on their chat selections. It is also used for the Trackchat advertising campaigns to define target audience radius selection and finally is used for club registration logging.

Club association: where applicable, the association to a given club is held.

Club registration logging plugin: where applicable, the registration plugin will gather & keep a log of club member sign-in and sign-out entries. An entry will consist of the club ID, club member ID, name, time in, time out, location (lng/lat) and, where applicable, the associated club training session signed-in for.

Club members: club ID, club member ID, name and associations to any club training sessions and their respective lead coach.

Advertising campaigns: where applicable, advertising credits and campaign profiles are held. As these are chargable records, they are kept for invoicing and reconcilliation purposes.

5 Cookies

So that we can maximise Trackchat features and usability cookies are used for the recording of browser session references, sign-in session timings and Google "I'm not a robot" authentication mechanisms. The cookies allow the user to remain signed in to Trackchat during the closure of specific browser sessions. It also allows Trackchat to time how long a user as been signed in, for the purposes of indicating when a Trackchat session may have expired.

6 Removal of data

Whilst it is our desire that you should enjoy the delights of Trackchat, we appreciate that some users may choose to leave the service and have their data removed - the right to be forgotten. If you wish to exercise this right, we suggest you first modify your privacy settings to make your account private, then follow-up with our support team. For clubs, it is the responsibility of the club administrator to remove a member from a club (for the purpose of not being part of the club anymore or moving to another club for example).

7 Contact

You can contact us by email; info@trackchat.io and info@bertiesoft.com